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Service Dogs by Dee


"I started working with Dee before I even brought my service dog home, at 8 weeks old. She prepared me for what to expect, gave me reading material as "homework", and then she was there first thing the day after I brought my pup home. And she has been there for us every day since then! Dee is so much more than my trainer; she’s a confidant and friend, someone I can lean on when I feel insecure, or message with questions when I don’t know what to do. My service dog is almost a year old now, and I am amazed at how much she has learned, thanks to Dee's excellent training. We are a confident team in public, and have been exposed to so many situations through our training. The list of commands my service dog knows seems endless. Dee’s love for dogs, and her innate skill with people of all disabilities, has really combined to make her a wonderful service dog trainer. I honestly don’t know where we would be without her!"

"I remember many years ago when we started working together, one of our first conversations centered around communication, respect, and roles for all family members and dogs: everybody needs to know their place, show the dogs appropriate behavior instead of telling them what not to do, and work at consistency in communication by all. I used this advice with Ella (now 19 months) and have 3 completely respectful, kind, and trustworthy canines. Ella's chore (never too early to start!) is feeding the dogs. They wait to eat until she gives them the command, and let her take food/bowls/treats/toys away from them. This piece of mind is SO important. I can't thank you enough!!!"

"I first met Dee years ago when she was a speaker at the Virginia Association of School Nurses conference where she was teaching about the role of therapy and service dogs in schools. Little did I know that she would become much more for me and my family. Dee taught us about the role of a service dog in relation to mental health. She helped us find a dog, helped us train the dog beyond basic obedience and gave my son an opportunity to move beyond his diagnosis. Her connection with my son was so much more than just a dog trainer. She sought out information on his diagnosis and used that information to plan how to train his dog. She helped us problem solve, thought of ways to connect us with others who are navigating the maze of the mental healthcare system and gave us the courage to hope for a better tomorrow for our son. Dee is truly a life saver!"

"Not only is Dee a magnificent trainer, but her love for dogs and patience seems to know no limits! After just two visits with my rambunctiously,loving,Pitty, I've seen significant changes. Her unruly excitment on and off leash has been more manageable and my comfort level as a handler has increased as well. Not only has my pup learned to correct her own behaviors,but Dee has helped me correct my own too! I could not be more excited to move forward with Deslys training and ultimate goal of being a therapy dog. Reflecting on my girls progress a year from now will truly be a treat! Thank you Dee! We're looking forward to the journey ahead!"

"Dee worked with me and my shy/anxious German Shepherd Dog both in training classes as well as one on one. Dee's personality, patience, and obvious love for dogs were a perfect fit for us. Not only did her training techniques and expertise help Ozzy become a more confident dog, but they helped me become a much more competent and confident handler. Dee's enthusiasm is contagious and the dogs feel it. Ozzy and I LOVED working with Dee!" 

"My husband and I have known Dee for eight or so years now. She was there in the beginning to help us train our foster dogs. She helped us set boundaries for them and create house rules and manners.... Fast forward eight or so years later. We have two children ages 5 and 3, I have had diabetes for ten years and a recent diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. We decided I needed a service dog to help alert me to low and high blood sugars as well as be there for me on bad fibro flare days. Dee has come to our house to help us tweak house manners with our pup and bad habits we have not been able to break on our own. We have made a trip to do public access training as well. Dee has not only been there to help us with training but she has been a shoulder to lean on when we feel like we have failed as a puppy parents. Dee is more than a "trainer" she had been a confidant to our family! We are truly blessed to not only get to work with her but know her."