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Changing lives one dog at a time.

Service dog training

I specialize in helping people affected by variety of medical and psychiatric disorders train their own or a loved one's service dog, including mobility dogs, medical alert dogs, autism dogs, PTSD dogs, etc. If you'd like to talk about your unique situation, let's schedule a phone call. FYI, here is an example of costs associated with training your own service dog.

Puppy 101

When should you start training your puppy? The day you bring her home! Why? Because everything she learns in her first month will - unless corrected later on - continue for the rest of her life. She can learn that your house is her bathroom. Or she can learn to potty outside. She can learn to jump on every person she meets. Or she can learn to sit politely in front of every person she meets. Plus, your puppy may have never worn a collar or been walked on a leash and needs to learn to accept both willingly. She needs to learn that, although teething (until she's 6 months old), she shouldn't bite or nip people. This and much more should be addressed the very first month your pup is with you. Like so many before you, let me help you get your puppy started right with Puppy 101. It's in-home training, once a week for four weeks for $300. Each session is 90 minutes. A copy of my book, Puppies chew shoes, don't they? is included.

Obedience training

I'd be delighted to teach you how to prevent or correct the most common dog problems: barking, jumping on people and furniture, pulling on leash, and using kids or furniture as chew toys. By teaching your dog to sit, lay down, stay, focus on you, to walk politely on leash and come when called - you'll be on your way to having well mannered dog. Don't want your dog charging the front door when the doorbell rings? We can train to prevent that. Don't want your dog pulling you down the street? We can train him not to. Your training plan will be customized for your family and your lifestyle. $75/session (90 minutes)