We don't train dogs. We train families and individuals to train their own dogs at home, in their own neighborhood and in the community.

Questions? Email me at deethedogtrainer@gmail.com or call 612.548.1504.

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Service dog training

I don't train service dogs. I train families and individuals to train their own service dogs. I specialize in helping people affected by complex medical and psychiatric disorders. Please contact me to talk about your unique situation. Here is an example of costs associated with training your own service dog.

Obedience training

I'll teach you how to prevent the most common dog problems: barking, jumping on people and furniture, pulling on leash, and using kids or furniture as chew toys. By teaching your dog to sit, lay down, stay, and come when called - you'll have the beginning of a well mannered dog. Don't want your dog charging the front door when the doorbell rings? We can train to prevent that. Don't want your dog pulling you down the street? We can train him not to. Your training plan will be customized for your family and your lifestyle. $75/session