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Does your dog pull on leash? Does he bark like crazy when someone rings the doorbell? Is he a counter surfer? Do you have a dog you just can't get house trained? In-home training for in-home problems works. Let's talk. Complete my "free consultation" form and I'll be in touch. Thanks for visiting my site! Hope to see you soon.

Service Dogs

One-on-One Service Dog Training. I can work with you in your home, your neighborhood and in public to ensure that you succeed in training your service dog. 

Temperament and/or Scent Testing. Not sure if your dog has the right stuff to become a service dog? Interested in having a puppy tested? Here is an example of what you might learn from this kind of testing. 

Public Access Test. Are you and your service dog ready to take your PUBLIC ACCESS TEST? Contact me and we'll schedule it.

Is your child a wanderer?

Wandering off is a major concern of parents with children on the Autism spectrum. If you have a dog with a reasonably good nose and a bond with your child, we might be able to train the dog to find your child, come back and get you, and take you to him. It's Search and Rescue 101.

PUPPY's first month

The first month after a puppy leaves his mother and siblings is critical to his future training and behavior. Potty and crate training can be accomplished within the first week to ten days. During that time your puppy is learning what's expected of him. Teaching basic house manners - where he can go in your home, if he's allowed on furniture or not, where he should be while you're having dinner, waiting at doors, sitting as a default behavior, etc. - will make raising your puppy so easy! Need help? Fill out my form and I'll be in touch. Your first phone consultation is FREE.


Do you want to be a service dog trainer? In my Train the Trainer Workshops you'll find content that's offered nowhere else - based on my real-world experience. My first service dog client had debilitating Fibromyalgia Syndrome. That was in 2005.

Service Dog Training 101 - $75 for all three workshops

The first module consists of three one-hour workshops: 

  1. So you want to be a service dog trainer: the good, the bad and the ugly
  2. Where to start:. building your reputation, resume and online presence
  3. There are sharks in the water: you don't know what you don't know and that can tank your business

Additional modules will be announced soon. Sign up here for Service Dog Training 101.