We don't train dogs. We train families and individuals to train their own dogs at home, in their own neighborhood and the community.

Hey, Richmond! Let's change the world - one puppy hug at a time. This project is about puppy visits to:

  • Fire houses and police stations
  • Your workplace
  • Your grandma who doesn't have a dog anymore but needs some puppy love
  • Anywhere people need their day brightened by a puppy visit

Visiting pups will be my clients' puppies who are being socialized to be service and/or therapy dogs. These pups start learning leash manners at 8 weeks of age and need places to practice those manners. And for a puppy, there's no better reward for good behavior than one-on-one time with a dog lover. Is that you? If you'd like updates about the program, send us your email address

​The CHARTER MEMBERS of our RCPP puppy team are Fig, Peabody, Cody, Levi, and Stella. More video and pix coming soon!

Questions? Email me at deethedogtrainer@gmail.com
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