Service Dogs by Dee

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​PUPPIES!! They're magical. But they need basic house manners or they'll drive you crazy. I've worked with hundreds of folks and their brand new four-legged family members. Let me help you get off to a great start with your puppy. Fill out the form and we'll schedule a free 45-minute conversation. I'll tell you how to get your puppy potty trained in a week and crate trained as quickly. Do you know what toys to buy and which ones to avoid? What about providing balance in your puppy's life that will lead to a well-rounded adult dog ... do you know how to do that?

The best time to schedule is a week or two before bringing your puppy home. Why? Because I can save you from buying things you don't need, guide you through the process of puppy proofing your home and lots more. 

So why oh why would I give you this for free? Because I know without a doubt if a puppy gets off to a good start, the chances are good that she will thrive. And that's all I want. Happy dogs living great lives with people who understand them. 

Although both of the puppies in the videos will grow up to be service dogs, puppy training is the same for family pets. This is how fast puppies learn. And they love it. For them it's a game and if you don't already have a copy of my book, "Puppies chew shoes, don't they?", download a free copy here.