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service dog TRAINING

tool kit

By Dee Bogetti 
​​New 2014 eBook. 48 pages.

Are you keeping proper records of your dog’s training? Do you know what health clearances your dog should have? The Service Dog Tool Kit will help you get organized. Why is that important? If you are challenged later on because you trained your dog yourself, providing proper documentation will help prove your dog’s right to work and your role as his trainer. ​
This book is available in PDF format only.​FREE.

a guide to CHOOSING AND training your own service dog 1st edition

By Dee Bogetti

New 2014. 182 pages.

The second in my service dog series, this book will help people who want to train their own service dogs understand what they are getting into. For example: 

  • Where should you get your future service dog? Can your family dog become a service dog? Can rescue dogs be service dogs? Should you buy a puppy or start with a young adult dog?

  • How much does it cost? 

  • How much time will you have to invest in training a service dog? 

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training your puppy to be a diabetic alert dog 2nd EDITION

By Dee Bogetti

Revised 2014. eBook. 160 pages. 

This workbook-style training manual includes scent, alert, obedience, and public access training. I added 40 pages to the 2014 version with a lot of new information, links, and tools for tracking your puppy's progress. You'll find this book chock full of real-world solutions based on my experience working with diabetics, their families, and their puppies. This book is available in PDF format only. $39

Puppies chew shoes, don't they?

A user's manual for people
​with puppies 

By Dee Bogetti

Revised 2014. 86 pages.

Puppies DO chew shoes and anything else they can get in their mouths. Learning how to avoid that happening in the first place is why you want this book. I added 30 pages and an index in the third edition, made major edits and focused on house manners. The revised print edition is available on Amazon. Download the PDF here.

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