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How's life with your dog? Is he a pleasure to have around - except when he takes YOU for a walk around the neighborhood? Does he bark at the door or jump on people? Whether family dog or working dog, perhaps I can help. 

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A guide to choosing and training your own service dog

With the cost of service dogs skyrocketing and waiting lists for trained service dogs extending out several years, more and more people are considering training their own service dog. If you are one of them, my new book, A guide to choosing and training your own service dog will give you an insider's look at the service dog world. It will help you answer the most pressing questions like: should you apply for a service dog through an organization, train one yourself, or put it all on hold for now?


  • 182 pages. Published: Sept. 2, 2014 

Does your dog get gunky ears? My Murphy does. That's him in the video. I found an essential oil that keeps that gunk to a minimum: Purification by Young Living. Murphy has gone six months without a vet visit, ear wash or ear drops! Learn more about it here.


"Dee Bogetti writes in a conversational, easy-to-read and fun style. She not only gives helpful tips for training a service dog, but puts all kinds of need-to-know information together in one place, saving the reader hours of on-line searching. This is a very helpful volume for anyone thinking about getting and/or training a service dog."