Come cheer me on when I go over the edge of Richmond's SunTrust Building on October 15. What's it all about?

Imagine a world where all kids, at all levels of ability, can compete in team sports. That world exists because of Special Olympics. "When we train and strive for a goal, it teaches us to dream. When we struggle, it teaches us determination. When we win, we find joy. And if we lose, we can find the strength to try again." I invite you to support the Special Olympics by donating to my team. Thank you SO much!

Ryan is training puppy Cora to be his own seizure assist service dog. Read about the beginning of their journey here.

These are a few of the dogs and people with whom I have the privilege of working.

Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms? Fireworks? Other loud noises? Here is a link to the free app a friend uses to calm her dog. When you see your dog's anxiety begin, grab your cell phone, open the app and give it a try it. 

Could your special needs child benefit from a service dog? If the answer is yes - or even maybe - let's talk about it. Email me at and we'll schedule a phone call.

Questions? Email me at or call 612.548.1504.

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